Taken by W. F. Ferguson, Holmfirth, Yorkshire (UK)
Double exposure of the same man.


Moscow (Russia) 1905, woman playing cards.


Unknown photographer.
Strange scene of a woman reading cards while a man listens in from the bushes.


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.
"Le Petit Journal"


Unknown photographer.
"De 100.000ste Groninger is geboren"
The 100.000th habitant of Groningen, Netherlands was born in 1927.
In 2022 the city had 234.950 habitants.


Taken by J. Baer, Diergaardelaan 44, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Photo of the back of the man glued on the back.
Possibly a German tourist visiting the nearby zoo.


Taken by J. Magielse, Goes (Netherlands)


Taken by Sussex School of Photography, West Street, Chichester (UK)


Taken by Foto Maas (Netherlands)
"Wij gaan naar de Kermis in Tilburg 1948"
(The Tilburgse Kermis started in 1567 and today it's the largest carnaval of the Benelux)


Taken by Barratt, 1 Cary Parade, Torquay (UK)
Woman writing by candlelight.



Taken by Geo. H. Browne, Somerville, N. J. (USA)
Wooden camera visible on the side.


Unknown photographer.
Wooden camera on the right. Dutch newspaper on politics on the back.
Writing on the back seems to read: "1934, 67 years old"


Taken by A. Greiner, Nieuwendijk 89, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Greiner's Kooldruk (carbon print), his own invention. Said to be unaffected by time.


Taken by A. Appolony, 5 Rue des Places 5, Chalon S/Saone (France)
Chalon-sur-Saone is the birthplace of photography.


Unknown photographer.


Taken by George Goodman, Margate (UK)


Taken by Brown & Son, High St. Ramsgate & Broad St Deal (UK)


Taken by Southwell, 16 Baker Street, Portman Square, London (UK)


Unknown photographer. "Miss Jones, Bridge St, Cambridge (?)" (UK)
Compilation of photos of children with the text "good morning".
A similair CDV exists with "good night".

Unknown photographer.
"For my dear mother, the glass is there so you may drink with pleasure"


Taken by Hugo Pieron, Bassin 1, Quai St Aldegonde 14, Anvers (Antwerp, Belgium)


Taken by W. J. Bolton & Co, Walton Studio, Walton-on-Thames (UK)


Taken by Strom & Walter, Blucherstr 13 und Kopnickerstr 102, Berlin (Germany)


Unknown photographer.


Taken by J. L. T. Huysen, Ramen 17, Hoorn (Netherlands)


Taken by Hugo Starck, Benrather-strasse 10, Dusseldorf (Germany)


Unknown photographer.
"Ivo Goemaere, meester Metser tot Oostkerke Diksmuide" (1816-1885)
a master bricklayer from Belgium.


Taken by G. A. Vernout, Nieuwe Gracht 46, Haarlem (Netherlands)
"J. P. Maas, fec"

Two statues made by the Dutch sculptor Johannes Petrus Maas (1861-1941)
He moved to Haarlem in 1882 where he had a studio on Emmastraat 16.
The photographer Gerrit Adrianus Vernout was active in 1880-1913.


Unknown photographer. "23 mei" (Netherlands)
Travelling puppet show.


Patented in USA, G. F. & Sons, Chicago, applied for in Holland, sole agents H. Schoen & Co. The Hague.
"Buig dit gedeelte op en neer" (bend this part up and down)
Number 34 is crossed out and replaced by 17. Stamp on the back. Sold in Utrecht.
"Levende, beweegbare foto's" (living, moveable photos)
When you tilt the side, the photo changes: the man looks at you or away.


Unknown photographer.
"Epreuve Alterable. Priere de nous retourner cette epreuve en y inscrivant, en cas d'approbation,
le chiffre de la commande. Toute epreuve non renvoyee dans les 8 jours est facturee au prix du tarif."
(Alterable proof. Please return this test by writing, in case of approval, the number of the order.
Any test not returned within 8 days is invoiced at the price of the tariff.


1. Taken by A. Whitla, 180 Oxford Street, Manchester (UK)
2. Unknown photographer.
3. Taken by Zsunk P, Nagyvarad (Romania)"1899"
4. Taken by M. Zanutto, Via Caserma 3, Trieste (Italy)


Taken by Ch. Froehlich, 31 Rue van Wesenbeke, Anvers (Belgium)


G. Korfmacher, Nijmegen (Netherlands)

"Zegel van Conrardi de Daernic, schepen van Nijmegen, aan een acte op perkament
van Vrijdag na O. L. Vrouwen daeh parificationes 1548. Zie archief commanderie H Jan
te Arnhem no 76. No 399 Oorkondenboek. Zie ook acten Oorkondenboek no 327, enz"

(Seal of Conrardi de Daernic, alderman of Nijmegen, attached to a document on parchment
of Friday after O. L. Women there parifications 1548. See archive commanderie H Jan
in Arnhem number 76. Number 399 charter book. Also see document charter book number 327, etc)


Taken by Firma Vinkenbos & Dewald, Conradkade 61, 's Gravenhage (Netherlands)
Walking stick with a dog's head on the end. Red wax steal stamps on the back.


Taken by E. Lacour, 52 Rue St Ferreol, Marseille (France)
"Carte Russe, creation de la maison"


Taken by Wilhelm Auerlich, Hermannstadt and Wien (Romania/Austria)


Taken by Kamilla Asboth, Th. Glatz's Erben, Hermanstadt (Romania)


Taken by A. M. A. Susan, Den Haag (Netherlands)
With pocket mirror.


Taken by Victor Lussenie, S.A.R. le Duc de Brabant, Quai Cockerill, Boulevard d'Avroy, Liege (Belgium)
Floral frame made of fabric.


Taken by Henri Smitz Verheugen, Eecloo (Belgium)
Photo can be hung from a piece of purple cloth.


Taken by D. Stolp, Arts, Sanatorium, Arnhem (Netherlands)
"21 1900 April"
Stolp was a doctor at the sanatorium (care hotel) in Arnhem.
In 1899 he send in 18 photographs for the Historic Exhibition of Medicine.
The woman pictured is standing before the sanatorium, and is possibly a patient.


Unknown photographer.

"Vader. Jan Krijlen ? op 20ste jaar <1900" written on the back in modern ink.

Wooden frame with picture, a clock (12.19), and the almanak of an unreadable year are on the bedside table.

Jan is holding a photo album with portraits of what are likely his parents.


Unknown photographer.


Unknown photographer.


Taken by Jean Kuster, Kaysersberg & Orbey (Switzerland)


Taken by W. Ganter, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
"Uitgave van M. J. Parson. J. M. Schalekamp, Haarlem"
(booksellers and art dealers)
"Onze verwachting, in memoriam"